The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District adopted the 2012 edition of the International Fire Code  with an effective date of September 1, 2013.

The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for the reduction of fire hazards through education, inspection, and code enforcement.

Working directly for the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Marshal, Mark Regan, takes pride in assisting the residents and business owners of Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

The Fire Prevention office is located in our administration office building at 866 Oriole Way, Incline Village, NV  89451. The Fire District enforces State of Nevada Statutes and Regulations, Washoe County Code and has adopted the following codes and resolutions:

1. Signed Resolution 13-1; 2012 IFC

1a. Effective Jan 1, 2019: 2018 Fire Code Resolution 18-1 Filed copy

2. Signed Resolution 13-2; 2012 WUI Code

2a. Effective Jan 1, 2019: 2018 Wildland Code Resolution 18-2 filed copy

3. Appendix 1 Wildfire Threat Reduction Rec for LTB Homeowners

4. Construction and Development Guide 2018

5. NLTFPD Defensible Space Requirements for Construction Projects

6. Nevada State Fire Marshal Regulations

7. Approved Decking Material for the WUI Code

8. 2012 WUI CODE GUIDE – Building Construction Requirements

9. IVBOR_NLTFPD_Signed_MOU_2017

10. Protect Your Property From Fire brochure

11. Staying Safe In Your Home or Rental Property

For further information on any of these documents, please contact Assistant Fire Marshal, Mark Regan at (775) 831-0351, ext. 8107 or 775 461-6200.

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