Emergency Preparedness

People who visit this beautiful community rarely think of disasters that may occur. We all need to understand that most disasters are an emergency and will often happen without any forewarning. Therefore, we all need to be responsible to our communities, our families and ourselves to assure we are prepared for what may happen to us. Public safety officials will determine if an evacuation is the most effective means available for protecting you from the effects of an emergency situation. You will be informed by Washoe County Sheriff's deputies, local media, temporary signs and the Emergency Alert System (EAS).

Please take time and become well versed in our Emergency Preparedness Guide. It
reviews the necessary steps to make a family emergency plan, an evacuation plan as well as how to prepare a disaster supplies kit. You can also visit http://www.readywashoe.com to learn how to 1. Make a plan, 2. Assemble a kit, 3. Stay informed.

To sign up for regional emergency alerts click here.

English Emergency Preparedness Brochure

Spanish Emergency Preparedness Brochure


Evacuation Preparedness USB Drive