Curbside Chipping

In addition to fuels management and fire supression, our handcrews also provide Curbside Chipping services. To request this service MAKE A REQUEST ON-LINE. Typically the chipping crew is able to complete requests within one week, however due to fire assignments and variable crew size, please allow up to three weeks. This service is available in Spring through Fall months.

Please note the following guidelines when requesting this service:

  • Piles must be curbside and easily accessible.
  • Branch diameter cannot exceed 6 inches.
  • Pile must not contain stumps, roots, garbage, nails, lumber or pine cones.
  • Pile must not exceed 30 feet in length, 6 feet in height, and 6 feet in width.

Chips will be left on site and can be spread around the property for landscaping or erosion control, but not within 5 feet of a structure. If you choose to spread the chips within 30 feet of a structure, ensure that mulch beds are separated by noncombustible areas, such as dirt, rock or pathways. Also ensure that mulched areas do not contain highly flammable vegetation.

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