NLTFPD-Defensible-Space-Requirements-for-Construction-Projects – Inspections are conducted primarily for three reasons: business license approvals, construction inspections and annual target hazard fire and life safety inspections of commercial or non-residential properties.

Business Licenses

Business license inspections are made initially when a new business opens and normally on an annual basis for most general business licenses. Our fire prevention staff will come to your business location and inspect for general fire and life safety compliance. The inspectors are looking for hazardous conditions such as: improper use of extension cords, accessible fire exits, compliant storage, etc. Do you have a fire extinguisher? Is it in the correct location?

Construction Inspections

Construction Inspections are conducted at different stages in the course of a construction
project. These inspections are performed on a case by case basis.

Please contact the Interim Fire Marshal, Jennifer Donohue, at (775) 434-4555 for any questions regarding construction projects.

Defensible Space Inspections

Please see our defensible space page for more information. Defensible space inspections are required for most construction projects. See NLTFPD-Defensible-Space-Requirements-for-Construction-Projects for more information, or call our District Fuels Prevention Specialist Jeffrey Smith (775) 833-8107

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